Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging (Diti)

Optimal Health & Wellness incorporates Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging (DITI) as a pivotal tool in its diagnostic arsenal. The following details the significance, application, and benefits of DITI at Optimal Health & Wellness, illustrating its role in enhancing patient care through advanced technology

Introduction to Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging (DITI)

DITI is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that captures and visually displays heat patterns in the body. These heat patterns are indicative of a range of physiological and pathological processes, making DITI an invaluable tool in the early detection and diagnosis of various conditions. It is particularly useful in identifying inflammation, circulatory issues, and nerve damage.

The Science Behind DITI

DITI works by detecting and recording the infrared radiation (heat) emitting from the surface of the skin. Since the body’s physiological and pathological processes can alter its thermal patterns, DITI effectively maps these changes, providing a visual representation of areas of concern. The images captured are known as thermograms, and they are analyzed to identify abnormal thermal behaviors.

DITI from Optimal Health & Wellness

How are thermograms different from mammograms?

Mammograms look at structural changes in the breast, as they detect masses or lumps in the breast tissue. On the other hand, thermograms look at the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology (cancer, fibrocystic disease, lymph congestion, inflammation or vascular changes), offering the chance to see worrisome physiological changes before diagnosis. Vascular changes in the breast, as they show feeding blood flow patterns and asymmetries, can be seen way earlier than before a tumor is formed.

All women can benefit from thermal screening. They may be particularly useful for young women with dense breast tissue who want to monitor their breast health before the recommended age of 40, overweight women, women with fibrocystic/cystic conditions, older women with sensitive breasts, and women with breast implants.

It is also a valuable test to see the chest wall and the lymphatic system in the axillae that mammogram misses.

Breast thermography allows women to be proactive about their breast health at any age.

Thermography is NOT a replacement for mammography, but it is a valuable adjunct, and has been FDA approved. Thermography, along with either mammogram/ultrasound/MRI and self evaluation, gives a well-rounded early screening opportunity for women.

Breast thermography is the only known test for the earliest warning of change. It should be noted that neither mammography nor thermography has the ability to diagnose cancer.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can only be made with a biopsy. As we know that one in eight women will get breast cancer, we must use all means possible to capture changes at the earliest possible moment to ensure the greatest chance for survival.

All scans are evaluated by a trained medical doctor.

To establish a baseline, 2 scans are recommended within 3-6 months to see if any activity happens. Assuming there are no thermal changes after the 2 baseline scans, annual screening is recommended.

Half body and full body scans are available for dental/periodontal, sinus, carotid artery, thyroid, immune system, abdomen, back, and upper and lower extremity conditions.

DITI at Optimal Health & Wellness

Optimal Health & Wellness employs DITI as part of its comprehensive diagnostic approach. Kate
O’Connor and her team utilize this technology to complement other diagnostic methods, providing a more complete understanding of a patient’s health status.

Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tool: DITI is entirely non-invasive, making it an attractive option for patients who are uncomfortable with or unable to undergo more invasive diagnostic procedures.

Early Detection of Conditions: DITI can detect abnormalities before they manifest into more serious conditions, allowing for earlier intervention. This is particularly beneficial in the detection of inflammatory processes, vascular conditions, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Pain and Inflammation Assessment: DITI is effective in identifying areas of pain and inflammation, guiding clinicians in targeting these areas for treatment.

Women’s Health Applications: In women’s health, DITI is used for breast health assessment. It can detect subtle physiological changes that could indicate early signs of breast disease.

With the new ultra-sensitive, high resolution digital infrared cameras available today a technology that has been developing over the past 30 years is now becoming more accessible.

A digital infrared thermal system (thermography) captures images to a specialized software program. The colors on the images indicate increases (hot spots) or decreases (cold spots) in infrared radiation emitted from the body surface. Breast thermography is a painless, non-invasive, no-compression, no -radiation, affordable 15-30 minute test of physiology, while mammogram, ultrasound, and MRI are tests of anatomy.

    The Process of Diti

    At Optimal Health & Wellness, the DITI process is conducted with utmost care and precision:

    Pre-Scan Consultation: Before the scan, patients undergo a consultation to discuss their medical history and any specific areas of concern. This information helps in interpreting the thermograms more accurately.

    The Scanning Process: During the scan, the patient is positioned in front of the DITI camera, and images are taken from various angles. The process is quick, painless, and requires no physical contact.

    Analysis and Interpretation: The thermograms are then analyzed by trained professionals who look for asymmetries and unusual thermal patterns. A detailed report is generated based on this analysis.

    Post-Scan Consultation: After the scan, patients meet with the healthcare provider to discuss the findings. The results are explained, and if necessary, a plan for further diagnostic testing or treatment is developed.

    The Benefits of DITI

    Patients opting for DITI at Optimal Health & Wellness can expect several advantages:

    Safe and Painless: DITI is a completely safe and painless procedure, with no exposure to radiation.

    Early Detection: It offers the potential for early detection of disease and dysfunction.

    Comprehensive Overview: Provides a full-body overview or can target specific areas, offering a comprehensive view of the patient’s physiological state.

    Aids in Tailoring Treatments: The detailed information gathered from DITI can help in tailoring specific treatments to the patient’s needs

    Educating Patients

    Education is a significant aspect of the DITI process at Optimal Health & Wellness. Patients are educated about what DITI is, how it works, and what the results can indicate. This educational approach empowers patients and helps them make informed decisions about their health and treatment options.

    Digital Infrared Thermography Imaging at Optimal Health & Wellness represents a leap forward in noninvasive diagnostic imaging. Under Kate O’Connor’s guidance, the clinic harnesses this advanced technology to provide deeper insights into patient health, aid in early detection of potential issues, and tailor specific treatment plans. DITI’s integration into the clinic’s services underscores Optimal Health & Wellness’s commitment to employing cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care and outcomes.

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